Vote Procedure
To Join the voting and prediction events you will need to be a member of Tt Community forums, please refer to the diagram below for more detailed information on the three basic steps showing how you vote for your favorite modder. If you are a forum member already please skip to step 3.
Step 1
step 1
To Vote you will need to be a member of Tt Community forums. Please apply for your Free Tt Community account here. If you are a member already please skip this procedure and commence to step 2.
Step 2
step 2
The second step you will need to be logged into your account to vote, please login here. After you are logged in you can then commence to Step 3.
Step 3
step 3
The third and final step is to go to the voting page, please head over to this page to vote. if you are seeing an error on the page you have improperly logged in please check if Step 2 was completed correctly.
Event Rules
Community Voting Rules
Pre Event Prediction will start from May.11th ,2018 and will be held on Tt Community forums, all you have to do is simply head over to the Pre Event Prediction Event thread and post who your favorite or top pick modder is for 2018 CaseMod S1.

We will be giving away prizes every week, so join up to have your opportunity to win awesome prizes!
  • Prediction Voting Event (July 6th ~August 6th , 2018)
    Predict who will win the event for your chance to win! All you have to do is comment in the thread who you think will win for your chance to win one of the awesome prizes!
  • Week 1 Voting Event (September 18th ~ September 24th , 2018)
    Vote for your favorite modder for your chance to win one of the listed prizes!
  • Dates may change due to progression of event
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