Yuri Gabrielli
Greetings to all, I am Yuri, aka Y.Gabrielli Casemod or, more simply, Y G C as they know me in the world of modding.

What is modding for me?
Very simple, structurally and drastically modify case and PC components, harmonizing them together to make them closer to my personal aesthetic sense. My passion for this discipline has distant origins, we can say that it has accompanied me since I was a child. I liked to dismantle every toy or whatever happened to me to see how it was built and then make the changes I thought necessary. Over the years, then, this passion has been directed to the tuning of cars, even racing ones, where the slightest detail can make a big difference. I consider myself a perfectionist, which is why I always give importance to every little detail that I am going to realize, which, if it does not respect my very strict standards, is most often reconstructed. I've always been a fan of electronics (also the subject of my studies) and of computers, even though, in my youth, the PC world was still in its infancy. Arriving to the present day, continuing this fire to burn in me, I decided therefore to use all my experience and my creativity in the realization of highly modified PCs as regards the aesthetic impact.

My style.
Being in some ways "old school" and certainly very aggressive, my favorite thing is to make MOD with a strong impact without ever trespassing on bad taste, maintaining a certain rigor in style and always looking for new ideas without taking inspiration from others.

The instruments.
Hands in the first place: I don't use super-technological tools like CNC, 3D printers or laser cutting machines, but only the traditional traditional tools like circular saw with Widia blade, oscillating tunnel, the classic Dremel and the inevitable airbrush. The only exception is the use of a cutting plotter for the realization of vinyl graphic stencils. The things that matter most to me in a modder are its manual ability to perform the work and its processing technique. Realizzo tutte la parti custom a mano, cosi come la verniciatura e le relative aerografie. I realize all the custom parts by hand, as well as the painting and the relative airbrushes.

The materials.
All, (including metals) according to the needs and work to be performed. although the preferred is methacrylate (plexiglass) due to its high versatility.

Work method.
I sail on sight and build everything that comes into my head, I am an instinctive, I get an idea and development sometimes without the need for design but, if necessary, I obviously resort to the use of CAD for the realization of a rendering. realistic of a 3D model. In this way I can give free rein to my idea of design without being imprisoned in conventional schemes.

The most significant MODs.
I would immediately start with the Virus that was, and still is, perhaps my flagship MOD. Back in 2015 a friend commissioned me a "desk", we had to do something simple and instead ... Incredibly, the Virus was published on Forbes to my great astonishment. Other MODs followed such as R2 ROG, Cryolab Benchtable (finished on the Mod Of The Year 2018 on Bit-Tech) and Prototype Mechsuit (2018), a very particular and complex work.
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