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YG Kim
Hello, my name is YG Kim and I live in Korea. I am the CEO of a custom liquid cooling PC company called Panda PC. I have loved computers since I was young. When I first touched the computer, the monitor was even green. But I ended up being fascinated by computers and setting up a company, even now I still work as an engineer. I'm in charge of designing and building custom PCs for my customers, and I've been working to create new builds. I used to feel something burning in my heart every time I passed thermaltake’s booth at Computex. It's the same PC case, but when I saw it reinvented with a whole new design, my heart started beating like crazy. I wonder if one day I'll be on stage with some of the famous modders. Now that I have a great opportunity, I will definitely do my best. It is an honor to participate in the competition and I will do my best to make sure that I don't regret it. Let's work hard together. Cheer up!!!
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