Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas
Also known as Alan Lee or Abbas-IT on and other forums. I am British born, living in Germany and work at Caseking Berlin as a custom designer now. My fans have started calling me THE CRE8OR. I spent a considerable time on the sub continent Indo-Pakistan, where I really learnt the DIY mentality and do with what you have. If you need it, make it, real Mc-Gyver style. I am self-employed in the IT and Networks services sector since over a decade and that’s pretty much where my interest in hardware comes from. As far as art is concerned, well I would say I am quite an all-rounder. I have my own music studio, am a poet, a painter, have rocked at gigs with my rock bands about 100 times in Germany and have always been a DIY and creative guy. I don’t like to see things as they are, but what they could be which ends up in my using some of the most peculiar things imaginable to make my art.
Personally I like the more masculine, wild, sinister, type of themes. The unthought-of of forms and ideas and like to transform the otherwise block shaped computers into a frenzy of geometrical madness.
I simply cannot think of a better way to spend my time. So let’s mod!!!
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