The 2023 Thermaltake CaseMOD Invitational Season 1's modders will have the chance to win a total cash prize of $15,000 USD for achieving first, second and third.

Over the course of three months, the 8 modders from 8 countries will be constructing their work of art. Some important voting aspects they need to keep in mind are Originality, Style (inside and outside) and the LCS Loop. A more detailed explanation on these are below.


  • The first important thing will be if the build is if it is original, a lot of the builds out there are quite similar in many aspects but we will be giving points for originality.
  • Points will be given for original ideas that nobody has done before.


  • Exterior style is one of the points we will be marking on, it will need to have a theme and be color coded.
  • Interior style is also important including cable management and layout of internal components.
  • Interior lighting can add points but is not a must.

LCS Loop

  • As the chassis we are using this season is Tt LCS Certified, we will be strongly marking the modders on the liquid cooling loop, but both heavily marked on Originality and Style.
  • The loop has to mainly consist of PETG Tubing provided by Thermaltake, modders will not receive additional points for using PETG tubes but instead will have points deducted for not using them.

Bonus Points

  • For the 2023 CaseMod Invitational Season 1, we have a bonus points feature. To win the bonus points, modders would have to make a video of their mods using the NeonMaker, Thermaltake’s latest RGB lighting customization software, and kick their mods up a notch by adding some astonishing effects.
    Video must present the software and the mod with the designed lighting effects, along with an explanation of the software and modding concept.
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